Saturday, June 6, 2009

Death of the Sexy Paleontologist

Following on from my earlier post about the apparent lack of sexy paleontologists in the world of fiction I have to report, with great sadness, the demise of one of the few such scientists on the small screen, Professor Nick Cutter of Central Metropolitan University (formerly, I suspect, Daventry Sixth Form College), star of the unintentionally hilarious ITV series Primeval, which is currently showing on BBC America for US readers.

I was never entirely sure whether you could call Cutter a paleontologist, as he was never seen digging things up or even looking at a fossil; he also seemed horribly dependent on his student Connor and his "database of prehistoric creatures" (an extraordinary piece of information technology which is probably worth a blog post in its own right) to identify things that anyone with access to a children's book of prehistoric animals would spot immediately. Nonetheless, as candidates for the title of SP are few and far between on our TV screens, I was prepared to adopt him as one of our own.

I'd like to report that Professor Cutter was engulfed by a giant priapulid worm from the Cambrian, but he was actually gunned down by his evil/sexy ex-wife Helen, who was attempting to stop the future from being overrun by giant echolocating fligtless bat things (if you've never seen this series, honestly, you have to try it - it's so bad it's brilliant).

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