Friday, July 3, 2009

Going Dutch

I'm sat in my office, on a holiday, watching my printer churn out copies of reports for the forthcoming annual meeting of the Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections (SPNHC). Here is the report of the sessional committee on Grants and Mentorship, which I chaired earlier this year. Here comes the 2009 budget figures (projected and actual), followed by the 2010 budget figures, followed by the amendments to the 2009 budget, followed by the CPA's report - I am already cursing myself fluently for agreeing to stand in for the Society's treasurer, who is unable to attend this year. Her notes tell me that I must bring a calculator to the meeting. A calculator? I haven't seen one of those in years.

My reward for this is a trip to Leiden, which is one of the towns on a very short list of places where I could imagine living. It's a good thing I've been there a couple of times before because I'm not going to see much of it this time. What with meetings and a grant proposal due on my return, my plan for the next few days will not involve anywhere near as much cheese and Dutch beer as I feel I'm owed. Examining the map, I notice that the conference venue, railroad station, and hotel (the not-at-all-Dutch-cliched "Tulip Inn") are all within a few hundred feet of each other. Hmm, guess I'll have to order in.

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