Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bald Sloth

Among my various rants about "cryptozoology" I haven't really got into "rotting-things-that-get-washed-up-on-the beach-and-misidentified" (RTTGWUOTBAM?), which is a uniquely moronic subdiscipline of cryptozoology. But why bother, when Darren Naish does such an excellent job of shooting down these random pieces of idiocy. Montauk Island Monster? Racoon. Montauk Island Monster 2? Also racoon. Croyde Beach Beast? Grey seal. Moore's Beach Monster? Baird's beaked whale (at least that last one is forgiveable - beaked whales are a lot rarer than seals and racoons). But this post, on the Panamanian Blue Hill Monster, is absolutely the best of the bunch. It is, of course, a sloth. But how many of you have seen a sloth without its hair? Who knew they looked just like ET, only with huge claws?

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