Tuesday, September 29, 2009


In the biggest news story of the year, the ITV has resurrected Primeval for another 13 episodes of Primeval. That's two whole series! No longer will Danny be left wandering the Pliocene, sweet-talking hominids. No longer will we be left wondering if Connor and Abbie ever make it down from that Cretaceous tree. The first episodes will go out in early 2011. OK it's a long wait, but I think I'll survive.


  1. Phew, we're a bit behind here in NZ and I was dreading getting to the end and knowing they were to be left in limbo. Now if only they'd rescreen the Nigel-Marvin-gets-eaten episode that I am distraught over missing...

  2. My daughter will never forgive you - she is planning on dressing as Nigel for Halloween this year.