Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cryptozoology (VI)

I so wanted to make it through to next summer's "silly season" without writing about cryptozoology... but then my friend Badger sent me a link to this museum. All I can say is "damn you, Badger!" This one was too good not to share. There are so many gems here. I particularly like the statement that "living fossils" are "the successful cryptozoological stories." What, like horseshoe crabs? Or Lingula? Or ginkos, perhaps? (and if you think there's no such thing as Cryptobotany, then think again)

No, of course they don't mean that. What they mean is "if coelacanths can survive in the unexplored depths of the deep ocean for millions of years, then surely Gigantopithecus can survive in the Pacific Northwest?" To which my answer is "not if your collection of Bigfoot prints is all you've got in the way of hard evidence, because those babies are as fake as the chest of a Las Vegas showgirl." I mean, look at them - they're rectangular! How many primates with completely flat, rectangular feet do you know?

Anyway, there's plenty more where that came from. Now I promise I'll leave the cryptozoologists alone for a least a few weeks.

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