Sunday, March 21, 2010

Told You So

The first of my predictions for 2010 has come true, as the Large Hadron Collider has broken again. According to the Independent, because of a problem with the stabilizers (I'm trying to sound like I know what this means) the LHC can only run at half power for the next two years, before being shut down for a year to try and fix the problem. The reason for the delay in dealing with this issue is that even at half power the LHC is still four times more powerful than any previous atom-smasher so there is still a chance that they can make some discoveries before 2013 and thus placate the queue of angry particle physicists who are waiting for their Higgs Boson. Yeah, if I'd paid $9 billion for a lemon, I'd want to recoup some of my investment as well. While I really, really try to avoid making budget-based value judgements in science, I feel obliged to point out that you could dig up an awful lot of fossils for $9 billion.....

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