Friday, September 17, 2010

Field Museum Faces More Cuts

In yet another piece of lousy news, the Field Museum has announced a further round of job cuts due to the ongoing economic downturn. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the Museum intends to shed almost 10% of its staff - 50 people - through early retirements and buyout incentives. That means that staffing at the Museum will have dropped by aropund 20% since 2007. Spokeswoman Nancy O’Shea says the job cuts “are not going to affect the visitor experience.” Phew - so that's OK then

(see here for the background to my sarcasm).

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  1. Around 70 positions were eliminated in late 2008/early 2009, which put the museum below "World War II staffing levels", this next round is going to hurt something fierce. Incidentally, there are now 9 vice presidents, which I think is highly likely 9 times the number of VP's from WWII days. The poor institution has been suffering from cripplingly incompetent management for about a decade now, and with about $2 million tied up in executive level salaries, I kinda don't think laying off housekeeping staff and forcing retirements of curators will prove to be a sustainable solution.