Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Million Dollar Attic

I might as well confess right now that I don't listen to National Public Radio, because I have to spend all day listening to other people's opinions and the idea that I might spend my leisure time doing the same thing is, frankly, a real downer. Nonetheless, I *did* listen to this piece from Morning Edition, because it featured my former colleagues Mark Norell and Carl Mehling, and because it included the remarkable claim that Carl actually goes to lectures at SVP before he starts partying (only kidding, Carl!).

However, I came away irritated because, as is usually the case when journalists come to the museum, they kick off with an assenine comment about how museum collections are like "my grandparent's attic, only more exotic." Hahahaha. Well guess what, guys? I'm currently spending about half a million of your taxpayer dollars on my olde curiosity shoppe, so you'd better hope that it's a bit more useful than the contents of grandad's attic.

And, of course, it is. If you want to how we could possibly justify spending all that money on a bunch of dusty old bits of this-n-that, take a look here. For now, I hope Morning Edition sticks to talking about more appropriate, light-hearted topics. Suggestively-shaped vegetables seems more up their street.

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