Sunday, April 26, 2009

So, You Want Your Stuff Back?

You you loan an object to a museum. Then the museum goes bankrupt. You'd imagine you'd just go pick your stuff up, end of story, right? Well think again. According to the New York Times, the owners of objects lent to the now bankrupt Sports Museum of America, which include a number of other museums , sports halls, collectors, and some big name sports stars, are being told by the trustee for the museum's creditors that in order to get their loans back they will have to pay fees that start at $250 per item and rise to $2,500 for more than 20 pieces, plus $750 for every 10 items above 20. According to lawyers for the trustee, the fees are intended to offset the costs of storage, cataloging, insurance and staff involved in returning the artifacts. I think the technical term for this is "chutzpah."

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