Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pick A Date - Any Date

Dinosaurs - everybody loves 'em. And they're a great way to teach kids about science. But what happens when you're homeschooling your kids and you have to deal with that pesky old geological timescale business. Well fear not! The Live and Learn Press has the answer. Their "Dinosaurs Learn 'N Folder" lets the little ones "learn about these creatures, how they ate, where they lived, how we have come to know about them, and much more." But here's the best thing - "There is no reference to dates so you are free to insert your family's personal view of the age of the earth and when dinosaurs roamed it." Hallelujah! Yours for the bargain price of $21 from CurrClick.com.

There would seem to be limitless potential for applying this technique to the teaching of history. Marc Abrahams of Improbable Research suggests a learning activity on WW2 where your family can make their own choices as to who won. For my part, I'd quite like a Bible-based package where I could change bits I didn't agree with. Most of Leviticus for starters.

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  1. I thought these had been used for years in MBA maths courses.