Monday, October 17, 2011

I Read The News Today...

My colleague Jackie Hoff, from the Science Museum of Minnesota, has provided quite a nice description of a typical "day in the life" of someone working with natural history collections. If anything, it's a bit normal - for one thing, there seems to be a complete absence of crazy people. I guess maybe folks are more level-headed in the Midwest. But the paleontologist who can't remember where he wants his specimen to be loaned to? That's totally true to life.


It's not often you see the word "possibly" in a banner headline, which suggests that even the authors of this Yahoo! News item found it a bit far-fetched. There are many reasons why you might find an assemblages of icthyosaur bones, but I'd have to say that "lair of an as-yet-undiscovered giant cephalopod" would be low on my list. Plainly I need to get to the GSA meetings more often. BTW, have you noticed how all giant undescribed marine creatures are "nearly 100 feet long?" Funny that.

Undoubtably this news item will turn up on cryptozoological websites, where it will be linked to misinterpreted whale blubber wash-ups as yet more evidence of "giant octopi."